Dine in Edelweiss @ Armenian Street

We were wondering about Penang restaurant with the hope to find a nice western food restaurant to try out. The thirst to knife over something was so strong during this late evening. The cafe Edelweiss just flash through my thought as I remembered I saw it somewhere and know it is quite a good one to try. So here we are at the Armenian street looking for the restaurant.

It's a Swiss restaurant cum beer house. quite a nice environment located in the midst of heritage site, in a street full with nostalgic atmosphere. It is at the same street as the most famous wall art (the one with siblings on a bicycle), also near Amelie Cafe.

I quite like the atmosphere there and I would certainly go back for some chilling session with a couples of friends. There are different part of room which cater different needs and feels, you can choose your most comfortable spot to sip from your cup of tea and unwind after a busy day. It's a nice place for that, really.

We order a set meal with complimentary soup of the day, a drink of your choice and a scope of ice cream for dessert. We get a set of fish and chips meal.

Borscht as their 'soup of the day', which is great as I always prefer borscht than mushroom soup... 

Here is the main course, "Fisch and Chips", and we had it with their brew coffee...

and of course we ordered Deutsch Frankfurter as well, how can you missed Frankfurter in a German restaurant! Nein? I think it will be nice with a light beer, but I ordered their mocktail anyway, I get myself a 'Shirley Temple', lime + soda + raspberry juice... still okay...

 We choose a place in front of their barista, there are only 2 tables here, which gives us more privacy...

It's the beer counter at the other part of the room, nicely decorated too... you can order some shot and enjoy it on the high stool along the bar too...

There are some historical and fun stuff to explore too, you can get around and check them out...

I saw a couple next to us were having cheese fondue, which is quite attempting by sight... hehe

Also, their services are nice too, polite and nice staffs, and they waited us to finish even it passes the operating hour, we are sorry about that, next time we will be there earlier... 

So check Edelweiss out at:

38, Armenian Street, 
10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Tel: +6 04 - 261 8935

Operating Hours:
(Tuesday – Friday) 11.00am – 3.00pm, 6.30pm – 10.00pm;
(Saturday) 12.00noon – 10.00pm;
(Sunday) 12.00noon – 7.00pm
(Closed on Monday)

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