Trio Trip in Siem Reap: Day 1

After a 'tiny' miss flight incident, we were finally boarding on AK1482 heading to Siem Reap 
on 2nd of July 2013, marking the beginning of the long-planned trip; and the sunrise's still as scenic as always

As we first landed on this foreign land... the story begin with...

first photo taken as we arrived, where we should not take photo... aiyo, break the rules once we reach XP

When we reach there, our hotel had arranged a 'tuk-tuk' to fetch us, our 'tuk-tuk' driver was there holding a card with my friend's name on it, easy to find...

Here are then some group photos taken on our 'tuk-tuk' at Siem Reap International Airport, as what tourists used to do... it was nice riding on the 'tuk-tuk', makes me feel closer to the Khmer's living throughout the whole trip, enjoy the touch of the wind on my face... but not the dusts along the way la... But yet, I still prefer 'tuk-tuk', I am here to see and feel their world anyway, no one promise it will be 100% comfortable all the time... so it is called experience...

Then there are more photos taken during our ride... of course including some selca attempts, and this one was taken on the windy and shaky and bouncy 'tuk-tuk', the pic still not bad, aye?

And as soon as we went on the main road, I realized that the traffic in Cambodia was opposite from Malaysia's, which I later scared myself out of nothing for several times when our 'tuk-tuk' driver (Meng) made some turns, I thought he turns into the wrong way... anyway, it was fun riding on the 'tuk-tuk'. =D
Next, was the Khmer language and their writing... first time listen to that, a bit sounds like Thai but without those slang... after listen to it for some time, it is actually quite different though... their words look like Thai too, this one i really had a hard time trying to differentiate them... especially when i try to get some Cambodian products in their hypermarket... by the way, they don't have much variety of local products, most of their goods were imported from Thailand and Vietnam...

The environment in Siem Reap are mostly look like the picture on the right, so their roads were quite dusty due to the soil type in that area I suppose... and the weather there was freaking hot! Luckily we were provided with cold waters and cold towels stored in the small ice box placing at the back of the driver seat.

*Remarks: We get our 'tuk-tuk' @ 15USD per day, which enable us to go to any place around the city, of course included the cold waters and cold towels as I mentioned earlier. I think this is quite a good deal for a 'tuk-tuk' 


Meng brought us to the place where we had our first meal in Cambodia, it was a restaurant named 'Kitchen Angkor Chey Restaurant', nice food, nice service and nice ambient.

Please meet my dearest Luan Loo

and our princess, Veronica

So we had three courses which came with rice. The first one was khmer fish curry, not as heavy as what we have in Malaysia, the second one was fried cashew nut with pork, this tasted the most familiar, something like chinese, the third course was Amok chicken, was the heaviest among all three courses. Overall, the food was good for us. Their tea was special too, should give it a try. This meal cost us a total of 21USD, it is considered affordable. Khmer food was quite mild and with a lot of vege in it, their food are quite healthy, which might explained why we can hardly find a fat human in Siem Reap.

Also, their services are worth praising too... but a lil bit too good? The waiter actually standby at the side waiting to serve more rice for us until we are full... And their people were all very polite and talk very softly, even their men too... really so 'shu bun' lo... 


After store up our energy, it's time to explore some historical place, there are so many museums in Cambodia, all about different history of the nation, and we were managed to visit one of them, Angkor National Museum, it's about the ancient Cambodia's history, it features their beliefs, ancient kingdom and a lot of statues and artifacts.

This was the entrance to the legendary experience, but too bad after entering, you need to hand in your bags and cameras, so cannot take photos...

This museum is well managed and they have audio set too... 
There are different halls exhibiting different part of the story which includes the... 
Exclusive Gallery: Hall of 1000 Buddhas
Gallery A - Khmer Civilization
Gallery B - Religion and Beliefs
Gallery C - Great Khmer Kings
Gallery D - Angkor Wat
Gallery E - Angkor Thom
Gallery F - Story from Stones
Gallery G - Ancient Costume

*Remarks: Entrance fee per pax is 12USD, it takes us about 3 hours++ to visit all the galleries, I personally think the audio set is helping a lot throughout the whole visit, love the setting and exhibition from each gallery to another. I personally love Gallery D aka Angkor Wat the most, it's like the climax!! It's good that we visit this place before we visit the archaeological park, it helps us to know better before we go to the ancient sites.

Before we go for next spot, again, it's another photo session... =)
 Please meet our 'tuk-tuk' driver, Meng


We did some researches here and there during our coffee break in the museum and we decided to pay 
West Baray Lake a visit as it was highly recommended here and there. It was a narrower and a little bit bumpy road before we reach the destination. It is located at the outskirt of Siem Reap. It was well-known as a nice rewinding and relaxing place with scenic sunset. So we were hoping to see a nice sunset. 

After passing through some villages and some rural houses, it brought us to this beautiful place, what a nice place to sit back and have a rest.

Love this place so much, we had good time sitting on the grass and having a little chit-chat... very relaxing... we can't really see the sunset as we need to leave before the sun is totally set... 

*Remarks: the hammocks and the boat are charged for few USDs, when it is raining season, people can still get a boat to go to the island placed between the West Baray Lake, and the raining season will start at mid-July until November...


So before the skies turn really dark, we headed back to the town for a buffet dinner where Khmer traditional dances were performed. It is a big restaurant with over 650 seats known as Koulen Restaurant.

The buffet dinner starts at 6.30pm and the shows will start at 7:30pm, so we have one hour to grab all the nice food... there was a huge variety of foods to choose from, from Khmer to western to international...

*Remarks: The performance was only available on Tuesday and Friday night. Check out their performances details and information at It is advisable to book a table before you go and remember the drinks are extra charged.

We ended our first day in Siem Reap with the Khmer Traditional Dance Performances, it was a good day!

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